Getting salt in bulk is a convenient way to get some cost savings, especially if you’re preserving a lot of food or for having an ample supply on hand for food production and processing. There are a number of other uses for bulk salt, as well, but applications with food are the most common. However, there are a lot of types of salt out there, and getting food-grade salt is imperative when working with food.

Salt distributors have a huge array of bulk salt, but even trimming down the type of salt you need to food-grade leaves a number of options, and the type you need depends on your specific purpose. You want to make sure you get the proper type of food-grade salt for your needs – especially when buying in bulk – to make sure you aren’t left with too much of the wrong type.

Table Salt

The most common type of salt, table salt is generally ground very fine and is often iodized. The fine texture dissolves easily, which makes it ideal for general cooking, seasoning, and common table use. It also has a high level of purity, as its high refinement removes nearly all impurities and minerals. This also helps it to maintain uniform taste and appearance. Table salt is also versatile enough to be used in a wide range of dishes.

Sea Salt

Sea salt is harvested through the evaporation of sea water. It comes in various sizes and colors, depending on its source. Because of how it is gathered, sea salt can retain trace minerals from the ocean that imparts subtle flavors and colors to the salt. It’s commonly used in cooking and baking, as well as a finishing salt to add flavor and texture to dishes. It’s also the preferred salt in salt grinders for convenient seasoning at the table.

Flake Salt

Flake salt is recognized by its flat, thin, irregularly shaped crystals. The crystals are larger than those of regular table salt, but still smaller than those of the coarse sea salt crystals. Formed through the process of evaporation from saltwater brine, flake salt tends to have a milder flavor than other salts, helping food deliver a subtle salty taste without overwhelming the palate. It also is known to absorb moisture quickly, giving it an advantage in certain baking situations.

Flour Salt

Flour salt is a type of salt specifically formulated to use in flour-based recipes. It’s also a finely ground salt with very small particles, allowing it to blend more evenly and thoroughly with flour compared to regular table salt. The purpose of this type of salt is to evenly distribute salt throughout the flour mixture, ensuring consistent flavor in baked goods.

There are plenty of other types of food-grade salt available in bulk, and each one of them has a different style and application. For more information on food-grade salt and what might be the best for your situation, reach out to the experts at Clarity Salt today.